Online Demos

We supply several samples and online interactive demonstrations.

Basic Examples


Simple Upload with Progress

A basic sample demonstrates the use of the Upload control.


Selecting multiple files for uploading

Ajax Uploader allows you to select multiple files and upload multiple files at once.


Simple Upload with Progress (Customizing the UI)

A sample demonstrates how to customize the look and feel of file upload controls.


Customize Progress Bars

A sample demonstrates how to customize default progress bar to fully suit your needs.


Simple Upload with Progress (Custom Validation)

A sample demonstrates how to create user-defined validation functions for an upload control.


Enabling and disabling mimetype checking on uploads (Advanced Validation)

Ajax uploader tries to detect the MIME type of the files you upload, and rejects the file if the file-extension does not match the mime type. The example shows how to disable/enable mimetype checking on uploads.


Uploading multiple files like GMail

Google's GMail has a nice way of allowing you to upload multiple files. Rather than showing you 10 file upload boxes at once, the user attaches a file, you can click a button to add another attachment.


Large File Upload

Ajax Uploader allows you to upload large files to a server with the low server memory consumption.


Persist Uploaded File through Postback

A sample demonstrates how to persist the selected files during page postbacks. Ajax Uploader can hold an object temporarily and you can save it anytime you want.


Simulate File Upload

A sample demonstrates how to use .Upload method to simulate a file upload event.


Uploading multiple files (Limit the maximum number of files to be uploaded)

This example shows you how to limit the maximum allowed number of files to be uploaded. In the following example, you can only upload 3 files.


Start uploading manually

This sample demonstrates how to start uploading manually after file selection vs automatically.


Advanced Examples


Ajax based user profile

User profile is the primary part of a community application. Ever wanted to allow users update the images of their profiles using AJAX without reloading the page? Check it now!


File storage application powered by Ajax

This example shows you how to use Ajax Uploader create an online file storage application. Make your file upload page more user friendly!


Ajax based Forum application

This example shows you how to use Ajax Uploader create a forum application. It shows how to allow users upload attachments to their posts and manage personal files. It puts the profile example, multiple files example and personal file storage together.